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Video editor Rachel Alison is based in Los Angeles and is ready to help you tell your story.


Sizzle for Internal Dept – Universal Music Group

This is a sizzle reel I edited to demonstrate the services an internal department offered the rest of the company. This is for Universal Music Group.

Ringo Starr Birthday Celebration – Universal Music Group

This is Ringo Starr's 82nd birthday celebration video I edited for Universal Music Group.

Conversaciones que tienes con tu gato (Conversations You Have With Your Cat)

This is a comedy video I edited for BuzzFeed Spain. Their social desk helped me with translating the titles and dialog into Spanish.

It’s all about the story.

I’m Rachel Alison, a video editor based in Los Angeles.  I love working on news and editorial content, as well as the creative, more narrative-driven stuff.  There is a story to be found in everything, and it’s my job as the editor to help tell it in the most engaging way possible.  (Honestly, my secret weapon there is to pay a lot of attention to the sound design.)


I am NLE agnostic – I’ll work on whatever system you prefer.  Left to my own devices though, I am most comfortable in the Adobe Suite.
I’ve been editing since 2010, after graduating from the University of Glasgow with my master’s degree, and from UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, & Television with my bachelor’s.


Lately, I’ve been inspired by the editing in films and shows like Fleabag, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The BearBarry, and Black Lady Sketch Show.  In my spare time, I love traveling, wine-tasting, playing the odd video game, and hanging with my cat The Stig.

Let’s work together

Want to inquire about my editing rates, or just curious what my favorite episode of BoJack Horseman is? (It’s ‘Fish Out of Water’, btw.)  Then fill out the form below and click submit!  I’ll get back to you soon.