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I have officially made it to Los Angeles all in one piece! Hooray! That means my semi-regular blog updating will commence this month.

For today, however, I just wanted to say that Rachel Alison Video is included in the Oh My Handmade Goodness Vendor Marketplace. Check me out here! It’s a directory of designers and suppliers that can help you with all the different aspects of your creative business. I am so stoked that Jessika thought I was worthy to be accepted as a sponsor.

Rachel Alison OMHG Listing

You may notice something in the OMHG listing that says I’m offering “video branding”. What is that? Well, stay tuned to find out! Pretty soon I will have a fresh example featuring the fantastic Michele LoBosco, Los Angeles headshot photographer.

And though I didn’t include an April Fool’s prank in this post, I thought I’d include an April Fools video for today’s Music Monday.
[youtube width=”580″ height=”326″][/youtube]
Rufus Wainwright always does it for me.

Happy April!