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Mashable put together a list of 6 Lessons From a You-Tube Savvy Restaurant and I thought there was some pretty good advice in there for anyone just starting with producing promotional video content.

[youtube width=”584″ height=”329″][/youtube]

Sons of Essex, the restaurant in the article, has about 12 videos currently. This is one that I really dug for it’s storytelling. (The sound isn’t perfect, but that isn’t the point.) Rooting the story of the product (in their case, a restaurant) into the history of the Lower East Side isn’t just a grab for people who love to support local, but also bumps up the entertainment value of the video.

Here are a few other New York restaurants that incorporate video into their strategy, with varying levels of production expertise –

Saro Bistro gives you an uncut look at the philosophy of the chef.
[youtube width=”584″ height=”329″][/youtube]

Stone Park Cafe uses a more traditional commercial approach.
[youtube width=”584″ height=”329″][/youtube]

El Cocotero gives a cooking class.
[youtube width=”584″ height=”438″][/youtube]

Aroma Thyme Bistro does an interview.
[youtube width=”584″ height=”329″][/youtube]

As always, it’s all about the story.