Videos That Make Me Hungry

by Rachel Alison on August 17, 2012

Mashable put together a list of 6 Lessons From a You-Tube Savvy Restaurant and I thought there was some pretty good advice in there for anyone just starting with producing promotional video content.

YouTube Preview Image

Sons of Essex, the restaurant in the article, has about 12 videos currently. This is one that I really dug for it’s storytelling. (The sound isn’t perfect, but that isn’t the point.) Rooting the story of the product (in their case, a restaurant) into the history of the Lower East Side isn’t just a grab for people who love to support local, but also bumps up the entertainment value of the video.

Here are a few other New York restaurants that incorporate video into their strategy, with varying levels of production expertise -

Saro Bistro gives you an uncut look at the philosophy of the chef.
YouTube Preview Image

Stone Park Cafe uses a more traditional commercial approach.
YouTube Preview Image

El Cocotero gives a cooking class.
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Aroma Thyme Bistro does an interview.
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As always, it’s all about the story.

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